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About Me

As a creative spirit, I thrive on solving challenges, often incorporating my diverse skills in 3D fabrication, coding, and robotics to devise innovative solutions. Educated in 3D design at UCA in Rochester, UK, and with a strong project management background, I approach tasks analytically and plan with precision. Filmmaking constantly tests my limits, both physically and mentally, but my heart belongs to the exhilarating world of underwater videography. Certified in trimix and rated to dive up to 60 meters, I’m drawn to the allure of exploring shipwrecks and the mysteries of the underwater realm.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” — Ira Glas



Capturing Moments, Telling Stories

My journey in filmmaking has led me to work on notable projects such as the Netflix production “Rose Island”, where I was tasked with capturing the mesmerizing underwater shots. I’ve also contributed to “Blood on the Crown” by managing VFX shots that brought critical scenes to life. On “Sniper 10”, I played a dual role as the Video Village operator and a VFX consultant. Each project has been a unique adventure, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and visual effects, showcasing my versatility and dedication to crafting compelling cinematic experiences.

3D Animation

Where Imagination Meets Reality

Diving into the world of 3D animation, I’ve applied my skills across various domains including architectural visualizations, 3D projections, and commercials. Utilizing Unreal Engine, I’ve created immersive environments and designed components for 3D printing and sheet metal fabrication. My work bridges the gap between imagination and reality, providing clients with innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Whether it’s visualizing the future of architecture or designing the next big advertisement, I bring ideas to life with precision and creativity.


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Underwater Videography

Discover the Unseen

Exploring the depths of the sea, I’ve filmed captivating shipwrecks like the Le Polynesian, blending my passion for underwater videography with storytelling. My work on the Netflix movie “Rose Island” and a freediving video, where I storyboarded and filmed underwater sequences, highlights my commitment to uncovering the hidden beauties of the ocean. Each dive is an opportunity to capture the surreal landscapes and untold stories that lie beneath the waves, offering viewers a glimpse into a world unlike any other.

Post Production

Perfecting the Vision

In post-production, my expertise spans from VFX artistry to video editing, notably contributing to “Blood on the Crown”. Handling everything from storyboarding to color grading and VFX compositing, I ensure that each project’s vision comes to fruition with the highest quality. My holistic approach to post-production integrates technical skills with creative storytelling, delivering content that engages and mesmerizes audiences, making every frame a masterpiece.

Pre Production

Crafting the Blueprint

My pre-production capabilities are comprehensive, overseeing projects from the initial idea to VFX supervision on set. Leveraging my background as a project manager and my industry experience, I adeptly coordinate every aspect of production, ensuring a seamless workflow. My analytical approach, rooted in my education in 3D design and project management, ensures meticulous planning and execution, maintaining a reputation for delivering exceptional results on time and within budget.

Lets Get In Touch

Feel free to reach out for a chat about how we can collaborate on your next project. With a knack for film, animation, and underwater video, I’m all about turning creative concepts into reality. Let’s talk about what you’re envisioning, and see how we can make something great together.

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